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Genius Book: The Genius Symbols

Genius Book: The Genius Symbols

You can spend months trying to guess how to work with the Genius Symbols and still get the wrong end of the stick.

Save time and money and buy The Genius Symbols book (or the low cost ebook) TODAY.

It explains fully how to make a symbol deck, how to use it, and contains many patterns, techniques and examples for all occasions.

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Genius Course with Silvia Hartmann

Genius Course with Silvia Hartmann

Take the in-depth Genius Symbols course and gain the Sidereus qualification as a certified Symbol Reader.

For professional creatives, psychics, artists, writers, psychologists, this course provides a sequence of exercises that will significantly improve visionary skills, creativity, and conscious - to - energy mind communication.

Tutored by Dr Hartmann in person.

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Project Sanctuary - Origins Of The Genius Symbols

Before - LONG, LONG before! - the Genius Symbols, there was Project Sanctuary.

A project designed to re-connect the energy mind with the conscious mind, and for the conscious mind to learn the language of the energy mind itself.

Project Sanctuary continues to be ...

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