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Genius Symbols Online Affirmation Game

Genius Symbols Online Affirmation Game

The Genius Symbols can be used for many things. Many, many things! Amongst those many things is a quick exercise to relieve stress and to make it known to the energy mind, the conscious mind and all else who might be listening how we want reality to be. This is known as affirmations, and with this online game, you can make 23 positive affirmations that will make you feel better and keep your reality on track. Enjoy!


Here is how to play the game.

On each symbol, make an affirmation of your choice.

My favourite all time affirmation is "Time is my friend," another version of which is, "Time is on my side."

As each symbol appears, take a deep breath and say "(This symbol) is my friend," for example, "Animals are my friends," - "Spirits are my friends," - "Space is my friend," and so on and so forth until you've done all 23.

If you know how to do a little EmoTrance, so much the better.


Tips On The Genius Symbols Affirmation Game

Touch the screen with your fingertip on each symbol for kinaesthetic connection

Breathe deeply throughout the exercise.

Speak the affirmation out aloud; if you know how to do that, think the affirmation at the same time as you speak it out aloud as well.

Put some oomph into the statements; raise energy with the inbreath and say it like you mean it!

You can touch the symbol on the screen with a finger tip if you want to for that kinaesthetic connection.

At the end, on the white light, say, "Thank you!" and give a bow. This is to you, for taking the time and doing something good for yourself; to your energy mind, and to all else who might be listening and watching ...


Examples Of Affirmations You Can Use

Here are some ideas for affirmations you can do.

Do the same one for all the symbols, it builds up and up on the same idea/energy/vibration as you add one symbol after the next.

I'm going to use my good friend Time as an example.


  • I love time.
  • Time is my friend.
  • I am one with time.
  • Time is on my side.
  • Time loves me and I love time.
  • Thank you Time for all your blessings.
  • I open myself to Time.
  • I embrace the energy of Time.
  • Time is beautiful.
  • I understand Time.
  • Time is my gift.
  • Time is mine.


Of course you can choose anything you like and your own words.

Make it heartfelt, make it true and this will be 5 minutes well spent indeed.

By all means, come back at any time you need a break from stress, calm down and feel more in sync with the wonderful world in which we live.


Dr Silvia Hartmann

Creator, The Genius Symbols


The Genius Symbols Online Affirmation Game




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