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Silvia Hartmann

Best Book On Genius: The Genius Symbols by Dr S Hartmann


It has been known for a long time that people think in two different ways - with the conscious mind, which can sort existing information, and with that "other" mind, which provides flashes of insight, visions, genius ideas and solutions. That "other" mind was called the sub- or unconscious mind; today we simply call it "the energy mind."

How to "get into the other mind" was the problem.

And this was based on a misunderstanding.

Human beings are not designed to think with one mind, or the other - but with both minds together, working together at the same time, becoming one mind that is more than the sum of their parts. When this happens, even only for a brief flash, true genius is born and the true capabilities of the human mind are revealed.

The Genius Symbols, a unique set of 23 symbols created by Dr S Hartmann in 2009, are the "Rosetta Stone" to teach the conscious mind the language of the energy mind so both can work together to create genius solutions to any problem, any situation, any challenge, and any question.

Apart from developing access to more organic intelligence, The Genius Symbols provide a clear and straightforward path to intelligence enhancement, creativity, memory enhancement, and most importantly, the ability to ask for and receive highly specific visions at any time, and on any topic.

Genius Symbols - Best Book on Genius


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Genius Explained: How To Be A Genius For Real

Genius Explained: How To Be A Genius For Real

What Does It Mean To Be A Genius? What is "The Genius Mind"? What is the definition of genius? What is the Genius Process? And can I become a genius for real?

These and many other questions are answered by Dr Hartmann in this concise introduction to real genius.

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Visionary Genius FAQ

Visionary Genius FAQ

What is a vision? Where do Genius Visions come from? Why doesn't everyone have visions/is a visionary genius already?

These and many other questions are answered in our quick Visonary Genius FAQ.

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Evil Genius - Why Good Geniuses Go Bad

Ah yes, the traditional evil genius - mega rich, all alone in their fabulous evil genius mansion, or giant robotic spider installation somewhere in Antarctica, sitting on their throne like chair, plotting world domination usually followed by world destruction, bwuahaha, stroking their cat ...

But why is it that so many a good genius goes bad? Or that it seems that statistically, evil geniuses outweigh their good genius counterparts so dramatically?
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Quotes On Genius

Quotes On Genius

A genius quote or a quote on genius? Well that should be one and the same if it's a real genius quote! :-)

Enjoy these quotes about and by geniuses across the ages. If you know a good quote, you can submit it here.

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Improve Your Genius Factor

Psychological reversals block the free flow of information and stop "flashes of insight" from happening regularly and successfully.

Here is how to overcome blocks to genius, find and improve your genius factor, and fear of being a genius with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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Genius & Insanity

"Genius and insanity go hand in hand" - "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success" - "To be a true genius, you have to know insanity" - "There's only a fine line between genius and insanity" - how many times have you seen and heard genius and insanity paired in this way, as though these two concepts were related or even different sides of the same coin?

Here's how to be a real genius, and avoid insanity, in a nutshell.

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Ask A Genius Question Get A Genius Answer

I'm sure you've heard the phrase that if you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

Conversely, if you want genius answers, you need to learn how to ask genius questions.
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Genius Symbol Of The Day

Genius Symbol Of The Day Button - Click To Get A Genius Symbol for thinking outside the boxThink of a problem or a situation for which you might need a new point of view to come up with a "thinking outside the box" solution.

Then click the image or the link below to get the Genius Symbol of the Day to take your mind into a new direction.

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William James on Genius & Insanity

William James on Genius & Insanity

Below, one of the best comments on intellect, psychopathic tendencies and genius I have heard, from one of *my* heroes, William James.

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Logical Levels & The Genius Symbols

Logical Levels & The Genius Symbols

Understanding logical levels, what they are, how they work, and finding your way around the logical levels of a problem, system or ecology with accuracy and ease is a very important part of sorting information in such a way that it becomes USEFUL.

This article contains an introduction to the concept of logical levels as it is used in NLP, using the example of The Genius Symbols, and a logical levels diagram.

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The Best Book On Genius Just Got Even Better

The Best Book On Genius Just Got Even Better

The completely revised and updated new 2nd Edition of the bestselling The Genius Symbols has just been published.

Read this interview with Dr Hartmann to find out what's new and different, and how the best book on Genius just got even better ...

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