"In the hands of a genius, engineering turns to magic, philosophy becomes poetry, and science pure imagination." Disraeli

Project Sanctuary - Origins Of The Genius Symbols

Before - LONG, LONG before! - the Genius Symbols, there was Project Sanctuary.

A project designed to re-connect the energy mind with the conscious mind, and for the conscious mind to learn the language of the energy mind itself.

Project Sanctuary continues to be ...

... the most exquisite and extraordinary generator of creativity, genius solutions, ideas and so much more besides.

Known as "The Game In Space And Time" Project Sanctuary has totally transformed the experience of life and brought enjoyment, freedom, relief and pure delight to thousands and thousands of people since it was first presented to the public in 1993.

In the updated 3rd edition, here is the book that no human being should be without.

Project Sanctuary by Silvia Hartmann

Posted Apr 5, 2010
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