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Project Sanctuary Review by Anonymous


  The details of how others have used their sanctuaries, very inspiring. Thank you so much for a brilliant and inspiring "experience" that is more than just a book!  


  I have no idea if you expect your book to work the way it worked for me so I will write it down here, and you can either skip through it nodding sagely or read the detail.

So I read your book and followed the instructions as I went (except the bit about saying "sanctuary" out loud). I spent a few minutes creating a little sanctuary then continued to read. By the way I always read as much as possible before I fall asleep (I have a full time job and a 10mth old son so this is not a big window!). Anyway as I continued to read I discovered that I was experiencing a very strange sensation, it felt like falling asleep my eyes would close but I was not actually asleep.

It was like being hypnotized and slipping straight into a scene in which you are very busy doing things, for example arranging house, garden etc. I would then "wake up" again and read a little further then slip into the other scene do some stuff and then return. As you can see reading your book turned out to be a very hectic experience.

At one point when I was reading it seemed that the book had allowed me to work directly with my unconscious mind. At this point I was not feeling like I was falling asleep, I was just working on two levels simultaneously. I was able to reach a major insight, just like that. Anyway much crying was involved, which can of course be viewed as discomfort and distress by some people. So you see when I said you should provide a warning with this book I was serious.

Of course this comment can double as a warning and a possible pitch for the book "forget expensive therapist, become your own therapist, with the aid of this book and a box of tissues you can make profound changes in a short period of time.."

By the way I have visited my sanctuary since and added some features, not in a deliberate way I just let things turn up. In fact you have turned up and are acting as my "denial monitor" (thank you .I think!).

Have you thought that you will be turning up in lots of people's sanctuaries as their "therapist", "guide", and "denial consultant"?

What I really liked:

1. So true that people can make their issues the thing that defines them, sometimes a lifetime of "fixing" the problem becomes their solution. I have never seen this thought written down and it's a good thing for people to think about.

2. The whole concept of an inner world where you tackle each issue in an orderly manner (or a disorderly manner whatever appeals cos you are in control), I have never heard/read of before, and it's brilliant (exactly what I have been looking for lately, just incase you needed any more convincing that thoughts create reality).

3. The details of how others have used their sanctuaries, very inspiring. Thank you so much for a brilliant and inspiring "experience" that is more than just a book!

lots of love from

(name withheld because of the personal details) 


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