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Project Sanctuary Players Questionnaire by Lisa age 49, USA

Lisa age 49, USA

  Although I had some experience with fantasy/visualization and exposure to Grovian metaphor work, I had no idea how to really put it all together or how to have fun with it!  

Lisa age 49, USA

  What was it like reading it for the first time?

A deep resonance -- yes this is so right, so powerful, I read it with a great amount of excitement, happiness and even relief. Although I had some experience with fantasy/visualization and exposure to Grovian metaphor work, I had no idea how to really put it all together or how to have fun with it!

And this is really important: when reading PS, I couldn't wait to get started --- I was thinking Oh boy, this is going to be FUN!

Without PS, I wouldn't give myself permission to going into these realms and just play! Imagine that, doing deep work and having fun at the same time --- what a concept!!!

How have you used the Project Sanctuary approaches so far?

I have used it a lot for rest and relaxation - I regularly use the healing pool and have a team of energy healers who come to give me treatments.

Other uses: Creativity: I have an artist's studio where I am playing with sculpture and a library where my designer is working on a brochure for my business.

Guidance: I regularly meet with a guide (the original guide has disappeared and been replaced with someone I've met before in meditation/visualization -- the first one I think was just there to welcome me) and recently started consulting with her about clients.

Travel: I haven't had a vacation (in the Hard) for a long time, but in PS I just recently went to a beach resort. There's a lot I want to do but haven't yet, like meeting/healing my past selves, working on relationships, meeting a lover, etc. (have tried several times, but feel asleep......very interesting).

What are the most important learnings you have derived from doing Project Sanctuary?

That creativity is a crucial part of healing and transformation and it doesn't have to be hard work. It has also given me more evidence that there is truly no separation between the quantum realms and the Hard - what we do in either place will manifest somehow in the other, be it subtle or more dramatic.

The other important thing is that it has given me something to do with my "overactive" mind. Instead of always trying to clear my mind, focus, be still, etc. it is VERY FREEING to just let my mind go and do what it wants!

I'm another one of those people who has been told many times that I think too much ---- my mind just needed something to play with, to grab onto and explore!

Do you have a favourite PS story you would like to share?

Two that I love:

1) My favorite has got to be the bubble house which I wrote about before: After an intense session of Slow EFT and ET a core issue I went into Sanctuary, and suddenly the main dwelling/house was completely wrong somehow.

Previously it had felt comfortable, safe, cozy, pretty large with a variety of rooms; now it felt small and dark. Knowing it needed to change, but not how, I called in a designer to help and when he raised his arms the dwelling expanded rapidly -- in fact it is so large I can barely see from one end to the other. It is now a huge 3 level structure, completely transparent, but not made of glass. It is rounded, with no sharp edges anywhere -- like 3 slightly squashed balls sitting one on top of the other. The transparent material is somehow slightly permeable because it "breathes" instead of having windows. There are absolutely no walls inside, everything is visible (previous dwelling had separate rooms).

The top floor is like an observatory for star gazing (and maybe future gazing?), the middle level has everything for rest, relaxation and healing and the bottom floor seems to be about work/creativity -- a large portion is dedicated to an artists studio (which didn't exist at all in the first dwelling). I am totally amazed, delighted and excited about this change and though I am refraining from analyzing, it feels like a HUGE shift for me.

2) After working with HypnoDreams Receiving the Colors quite a bit, I went in to Sanctuary, and found myself in a long tunnel made entirely of crystal and as I whooshed through the tunnel the walls lit up with colors that changed and swirled as I went by -- it was beautiful. At the end of the tunnel I came into a space of pure, bright ,whitefish light -- overwhelmingly bright, which filled me with awe. When I opened my eyes in the dark room (it was night) the room seemed brighter! Very amazing.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Project Sanctuary is brilliant. The book is wonderful, inspiring and invites the reader to join in. I also very much appreciate the stories of people's experiences using PS.

I have introduced two friends to PS who are actively involved now and we got together a few days ago to share stories. I have also used the process with one client and have introduced another to it. My heartfelt gratitude to you Silvia for a wonderful, life changing gift!


Lisa age 49, USA

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