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Project Sanctuary Players Questionnaire by Anne, 44, United Kingdom

Anne, 44, United Kingdom

  Project Sanctuary has changed my life.  

Anne, 44, United Kingdom

  What was it like reading it for the first time?

It was brilliant - like finally it was alright to do this sort of thing, and not only that, I'd been right to think it so important and that I kept on dreaming even though everyone around me told me it was stupid and a waste of time.

For that alone, I will be eternally grateful!

How have you used the Project Sanctuary approaches so far?

I use it for all sorts! When I'm bored. When I'm overtired and need some healing, to be in a place that just soothes me. To not be alone when I don't want to be. To ask questions from the guides. To try out new things there before I do them for real. With clients, I often use it for creating healing stories with them, that is just so powerful, really magical.

What are the most important learnings you have derived from doing Project Sanctuary?

I think the most important learning was to understand how I had limited myself. Here there is this space where you can have anything, be anyone - and what do I do with it? Make a hut somewhere in the wilderness and really think that's the bees knees. It really makes me laugh sometimes when I do a version of that again, but at least now I notice. It shows up so immensely what your real beliefs are.

Do you have a favourite PS story you would like to share?

Oh but there are so many! The one that had probably the most impact on me was this one. I've never had what you might call a "good relationship" with someone of the opposite sex in my entire life. But one time I was doing a fairly mundane sanctuary thing when from nowhere, this man turned up. I don't know if he was a guide or what he was, but I felt something that I have never, ever known before - and it's just a little thing or so it seems, but it was as though I didn't have to do anything to please him, that it was ok to just be there with him and be me and not have to try so hard all the time. I didn't even know such a state of being could exist for me, it was totally new and it changed - well everything I guess about the expectations or understandings of what a relationship could be like.

This was absolutely beyond my own previous experience - so I got to experience something in Sanctuary that I didn't even suspect could exist at all. It is really difficult to try and explain what that was like or what it meant to me.

Even if that never happens "for real", at least I know now and I've felt it, well calling it a gift doesn't do it justice, nor how grateful I am to have been able to know this.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Project Sanctuary has changed my life. It'll always be with me and to have that there and know it is priceless.

Thank you, Silvia. 

Anne, 44, United Kingdom

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