"A man of genius has a right to any mode of expression." Ezra Pound

Dramatic outer change through inner work

  "Project Sanctuary" is a piece of work in which every therapist of every
persuasion ought to be vitally interested. It provides an unprecedented
opportunity to communicate with one's unconscious mind through the generation of
symbol and metaphor, thus having rapid, ecological effect on the "real" world.
Best of all, it offers work which every client seems to actually want to do!
"Project Sanctuary" is a piece of work every NLPer should rush to buy. If
Design Human Engineering (tm) has never made sense to you, maybe because you
didn't want to turn into a "machine-head" -- get this book. DHE becomes the way
it should be: effortless.
"Project Sanctuary" is a piece of work every layperson should have their
hands on. It's a problem solver extraordinaire, it's a personal growth tool par
excellence, it's a creativity generator like nothing else I've ever encountered,
it's an all-up incredible companion to life's journeys.
Not only have I personally effected wonderful changes in my own life using
Silvia's sanctuary techniques, as a clinical psychotherapist I have been
tremendously pleased by the results my clients are getting in using these

Christine Sutherland

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