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Detlev Tesch

Detlev Tesch


EFT and EmoTrance

Oh boy, did I go through a lot of books, courses, conferences, and training since I was introduced to Energy Work and spirituality in 1999. The very first workshop was on energy healing - something I didn't even beleive in at the time   ...   LOL

Around 2005 I met EFT and began to work with it in coaching and in workshops. It worked quite nicely and was pretty successful. I achieved the CC and ADV certificates from Pat Carrington.

But then something very significant happened and changed things dramatically: I learned EmoTrance in 2007.

ET was quite the revelation for me and I all but dropped EFT completely. ET is just so logical, so structurally simple and so focussed on energy. So ET became "my thing". I became a Practitioner, a Trainer, a seaker at ET conferences and a Trainer Trainer. I also did the Relationships Consultant Training with Sandra Hillawi.

And EFT? Well it didn't feel quite right anymore.

So how come I am back, using it with clients and teaching it?

Easy: It is not classical EFT but Energy EFT and Positive EFT. So energy is in it explicitly and even is the focus. And we go not just for "no more pain" but go for feeling great. Now it feels right again.




My professional education comprises a university degree (comparable to a masters degree) which seems to be a bit of a German speciality: Diplom-Ökonom. We were taught a combination of economics and business administration.

For a few years I worked in resarch projects at my university before I was offered a job in business.

Quite soon however I became a trainer and coach in public speaking and other areas of communication.

Well, you will probably not be suprised to hear that I discovered something disconcerting: the real problems in this subject area do not have to do techniques or knowledge, they are on the emotional level.

What a bummer!!

This fact and my own life situation then had me searching for ways to deal with such problems and it was quite a journey with many, many stops. I could now list all the many courses and trainings, but I will not bore you with that. 

I am now very happy with EmoTrance and Energy EFT/Positive EFT and maybe our paths will cross (again?) and we'll have a nice energy conversation.

Best wishes

Detlev Tesch


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