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Symbol Sphere Meditation For World Energy Awareness Event

Symbol Sphere Meditation For World Energy Awareness Event

The Genius Symbols are not just an excellent tool for creativity, they can also be used to create truly amazing and hugely powerful energy meditations, adding layer upon layer of intention to the nexus or focal point and culminating in the awesome "symbol sphere" when the sum becomes far more than the 23 component symbols.

And what's even better still is that The Genius Symbols make it so easy to build this meditation to get higher and more intense with every symbol added so even beginners can expect outstanding results.

Here is how to create a personal symbol sphere for World Energy Awareness Event on August 8th at 8pm.

The first thing to do is to sit down with your own symbol set (or the one you choose for this particular energy meditation) and to consider your wish and will in this instance.

  • The purpose of World Energy Awareness Day is to have more people awaken to the REALITY of energy - chi, prana, spirit, or by which ever name what we call "energy" is known to you.

When someone becomes aware of energy, that is called "enlightenment" - and once that has happened to a person, the world is no longer hard but becomes radiant and filled with wonder instead, and death ceases to be a certainty. An understanding arises that *love* is indeed the most powerful force in the Universe, and not hatred or destruction.

There are many ways to get there, as many ways as there are single, individual human beings on this planet; but once a person has touched the reality of energy, or of love, it's the same thing, they are much less likely to want to hurt other people, to go to war, or to want to damage anything of nature or of our Planet Earth.

It could be said that more energy awareness leads to more conscious understanding of love, and that would change everything.

Get a sense of such a wish from you for everyone who lives on Earth so you can feel it in your body, consider in your own way how you would approach that, from a healing point of view, from a blessing point of view, or just by making heartfelt wishes; if you hold love in your heart, you can't go wrong with this.

If you like, you can place a picture of Planet Earth or an object such as a round stone to represent Planet Earth in the centre, and now simply pick one symbol at a time, hold it in your hands, hold it to your heart and use it to make a heartfelt wish or blessing, whatever comes to you, whatever is sent to you by your energy mind on that one symbol.

For example, one might pick the StarDust symbol and think/say, "Stardust falls everywhere on Earth tonight and blesses everyone with its starry light ..."

But whatever comes to you is perfect for you, is YOUR perfect contribution.

Place the symbol to start the symbol sphere and repeat until all 23 symbols have been placed.

Now let a final blessing for the entire symbol sphere come to you - don't worry, something will come to you at this point, your energy mind will show you and guide you as what to do and what to say.

I personally let a symbol sphere stand for 24 hours - one rotation of the Planet, but again, let your own energy mind advise you on what to do for the best.

This is an awesome meditation across all frontiers and all the imaginary barriers that keep people apart; it's a meditation for humanity and encompasses you too - a wonderful experience of the true joy of heartfelt service.


Q: That sounds wonderful but I'm going to be away on August 8th and won't be able to do it on the night?

A: Truth is that time isn't measured in the way we do that here in the energy worlds. You can do this symbol sphere for the world at any time; if it's the World Energy Awareness sphere, it will be added to the event regardless of time.

Q: I did this today and it was totally mindblowing. I'm still high from it now! Can I do it again??? Please???

A: You can do it as many times as you like. Each time will be completely different - that's one of the wonders of the energy mind, it calculates everything in real time and tomorrow's symbol sphere can't possibly be the same as it was today or yesterday.

Also, by doing it more than once, you are going to evolve beyond your first ideas to a whole new level, so in fact, I recommend it highly to do more than one symbol sphere for bringing more love into the world!

Q: I see you have an Earth-like game board. Can I use a map of the world for a game board?

A: Definitely, if that's what feels right to you. You can make a special game board for the world, use a map, use a picture or a poster for a game board, or you can just do it on the table top with a small cut out picture of Earth or something that represents Planet Earth and all the people who live there, even a simple stone will do to provide the nexus point for the symbol sphere.

Q: Can more than one person do this? Can you do this in a group?

A: Yes. On each symbol, say/think together, "I wish the world the blessings of (symbol)." Even though the words are the same each time, each person will have their own take on what they are sending energetically and that creates a lovely resonant field.

Q: Can children do this?

A: Oh yes! And what could be more pure and wonderful than the blessings of a child?

Q: I'm a Christian (or any other religion). Is it ok for me to do this?

A: Use Jesus and pray to Jesus to bring the blessings of (symbol) to everyone in the world. The symbols only help with focusing your intention and giving an opportunity for 23 different prayers that build and build upon each other and culminate in one global overarching power prayer at the end. You get to choose who to pray to and what to pray for. The same applies for all religious denominations.

Q: I've never done anything like that before and I'm scared ...

A: Don't be. Just focus on love and have a go. You don't need to think/say anything at all, just place the symbols and hold love in your heart. It's easy and wonderful and how can it be anything other than good for us to wish the world more love?

Q: I'm an experienced energist. Can I customise?

A: Of course, of course! Let your own self be the guide, do what makes sense to you, what feels right, most of all. When something feels wonderful, that's our 6th sense taking us in the right direction, towards love. You can use this basic symbol sphere as a starting point for any kind of more elaborate or more simple meditation you like.


A final important tip:

If you think about all the war, hatred and suffering in the World, you can get really miserable and down.

Take heart!

Remember that energy is LIGHT, it is joyous, it's never heavy or dour or sad.

Likewise, let your energy work be energy play - let it be light, joyous, delightful, exciting. When we can be of that mind set, our hearts, souls and bodies awaken and that's when they're the best we can be.

En-joy this meditation and your joy and love will change the world!


Dr Silvia Hartmann

Author, The Genius Symbols


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